Dental Cavities Linked to Lower Risk of Head and Neck Cancer

Written by Honor Whiteman Featured Article Academic Journal Main Category: Dentistry Also Included In: Cancer / Oncology According to a surprising new study, people who have more dental cavities are at lower risk of being diagnosed with head and neck cancer, compared with patients who have few or no cavities. Dental cavities (or caries) are […]

Heartburn May Be A Predictor Of Oral Cancer

PROVIDENCE, R.I., USA: New research from the U.S. has suggested that gastric reflux, which causes frequent heartburn, is associated with throat cancer and cancer of the vocal cords. In addition, the study of almost 1,900 individuals found that antacid substances could reduce the risk of developing these cancers. The study, which was conducted at the […]

Breath Tests May Help Diagnose Lung Cancer Quickly

by Dental Tribune International BARCELONA, Spain/RIGA, Latvia: New research has suggested that samples of exhaled breath could be a cost-effective and cheap alternative for diagnosing lung cancer compared with conventional methods. In the most extensive study to date, the researchers were able to diagnose the majority of cases of lung cancer correctly using a special […]

Best and Worst Halloween Candy Options for Your Children’s Teeth

By: Halloween is just around the corner, and although candy consumption is almost unavoidable this time of year, the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) wants parents and children to know that there are both good and bad candy options, both of which may find their way into children’s trick-or-treat bags this fall. “Of course, […]

Should You Go to the Dentist if You’re Pregnant?

Should You Go to the Dentist if You’re Pregnant? By CATHERINE SAINT LOUIS At an emergency dental clinic that treats the uninsured, a receptionist told Ms. Caseres that the schedule was full. When she returned a second time in still greater pain, the receptionist told her, “I can’t get you seen.” On her third visit, […]

4 Foods to Eat for a Healthy Smile

Move over toothbrush! These foods are healthy for your teeth and gums, and help prevent cavities, bad breath and plaque. By Nicci Micco YOGURT A major cause of bad breath, plaque, and gum disease is a buildup of bacteria. But research has found that 6 ounces of plain, sugar-free yogurt a day might help knock […]

Tooth Fairy Indicator-Baby Teeth Value Up 15 percent

By Cindy Perman, CNBC In our desperate attempt to predict economic cycles, we look at all kinds of crazy indicators—like men’s underwear sales to how hot the waitress is—for insight. Well, guess what: the answer may have been under your pillow the whole time. Delta Dental is out with its annual Tooth Fairy Poll and […]

Dangers of Oral Piercing Body piercing is a popular form of self-expression. Oral piercings or tongue splitting may look cool, but they can be dangerous to your health. That’s because your mouth contains millions of bacteria, and infection and swelling often occur with mouth piercings. For instance, your mouth and tongue could swell so much that you close […]

A Buggy Cavity Fix

Can Genetically Engineered Bacteria Cure Tooth Decay? Kids get cavities. Dentists fill them. It’s a fairly old arrangement, but it may soon come to an end if cavities go the way of smallpox. Jeffrey Hillman’s company, Oragenics, has patented a simple swab of bacteria that when wiped across a set of teeth will (allegedly) grant […]

6 Common Teeth-Whitening Mistakes

6 Teeth-Whitening Mistakes You’re Making Beware of these common blunders in your quest for whiter whites By: Molly Raisch There is too much of a good thing, even when it comes to whiter pearly whites. In your quest to spiffy up your less-than-stellar smile, be warned: You could be shooting yourself in the foot, er, […] or its owner(s) is in no way responsible for any article, description, procedure, reference or dental product that may appear on this site. makes no warranty of any kind with respect to any dentists listed on this site or any subject matter included herein. The website could include some errors or inaccuracies and strives are made by to improve and update without notice. Any descriptions, specific treatments or references to any companies, dentist procedures, or articles does not imply endorsement of their services. The companies that are shown on this site may or may not have paid to advertise on our site. In no way does or its owner(s) replace the evaluation of a person’s dentist or health care provider. This site is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for visits with your family dentist or other health care provider.