Oral Cancer

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The following self-test involves some questions that if answered yes, may predispose or signify that you have or may develop oral cancer. Regular dental and medical examinations are a must, so that cancer screenings can be performed by trained professionals. The success of treatment and survival rate of cancer greatly increases with an early diagnosis. Please go to the self-examination of oral cancer section for more information. Never use this or other self-tests as a means for self diagnosis.

1- Do you smoke?

2- Do you drink excessive amounts of alcohol?

3- Do you have difficulty swallowing or chewing?

4- Do you have oral habits such as cheek or lip biting?

5- Do you wear dentures that are old or ill fitting?

6- Do you notice any swelling, lumps or bumps anywhere in the mouth?

7- Do you notice any white, red or dark lesions anywhere in the mouth?

8- Do you notice any tingling or numb feeling anywhere in the mouth, neck or facial regions?

9- Do you notice repeated bleeding anywhere in the mouth?

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