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Dear Floss.com Visitors:

I would like to welcome you to the new Floss.com! We have decided to use a blog format so that our thousands of daily visitors can feel more at home by asking questions, placing posts so that others may help or  to simply  to stay informed. My team and I will try to bring you the most up-to-date information regarding Oral Health. With so much recent news and research on the link between systemic health and dental health, it is important that our visitors truly understand what  is going on. The most important being the link between heart disease and gum disease. Please take a moment and join the blog so that we can keep you informed. You can also access the toolbars at the top of the website and read the hundreds of pages of information that Floss.com provides to our visitors. We will be bringing you some great information and we will be adding video soon so that you can come to Floss.com and see first hand what procedures dentists perform. The animated videos will provide  you a much better understanding of the daily dental procedures you hear or read about. From understanding what a cavity is  to what a dental implant is, you will  be able to visually understand by simply clicking on the animation buttons to view the various procedures.

I will also be bringing you the Floss.com Internet TV show, where I will discuss new findings, products and procedures that may help you to a better and healthier smile as well as answer question that are submitted to me, so please stay tuned.

If you wish to receive more information, please feel free joining our  newsletter series above  where I will email you new important dental topics that could not only help you financially at your next dental visit, but could  possibly increase your overall physical as well as dental health.

Again, thank you so much for visiting and becoming part of the Floss.com internet family.

Dr.Peter D.Vastardis

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Your website is most informative and thorough and hits all aspects of dentistry and how it affects our overall health

Thank You

Written By maritza kakoyiannis on June 12th, 2013 @ 4:04 PM

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